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Veeta+ Touch Switch (4 Ch) to control
the Lights operating on 230V AC.   Max Capacity 5 Amp.
Each Channel can independently control one Light/ Fan etc.

One output can be connected with another 2-way switch,
so that the user can operate the light from 2 locations.

Comes with comfortable & long lasting Capacitive Touch.
High Quality : Tested for 1,00,000 operations !!

Application:   Android: STS Smart Home      iOS: STS Smart Home   

Compatible with Legrand, Schneider, Hager & Norisys

STS Veeta+ Touch Switch (4 Ch)

  • No of Channels 2 Ch
    Capacity per Channel 5 Amp
    Type of Touch Sensor Capacitive
    Compatible Sw frames Norisys, Legrand, Schnider, Hager
    Mobile App STS-Andriod     STS-iOS
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