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This tiny micro-wave sensor can turn the lights on for you in the wash-rooms or store-rooms.

It can be mounted in the false-ceiling & normally ceiling lights are powered using this sensor.


It has inbuilt brightness sensor that will not turn the light ON even if movement is detected, if there is already enough light in the surrounding.

STS Microwave Motion Sensor with Lux Sensor (MS727S)

    • Power Source : 220-240V/AC
    • Detection Range: 180° - 360°
    • Time Delay: Min. 10Sec, Max. 12Min
    • Rated Load: 800W (Incandescent), 300W (LED Load)
    • Detection Distance: 2-16m (Dia.), Adjustable
    • Ambient Light: 3-2000LUX
    • Install Height:1.5-3.5m
    • Power Consumption : Approx 0.9W
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